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Sprem donor for lesbian couple or single female

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Michelle had been weighing up having children for seven years, but in the end one thought made her realise it was something she wanted to. The number of pregnancies from feemale sperm in Victoria have increased 67 per cent on five years ago's figures.

Michelle, spre, is one of a growing number of single women who are using donor sperm to become pregnant. The data, which the authority has collected for the first time sprem donor for lesbian couple or single female year, also shows lesbian couples made up 35 per cent of those undergoing treatment, while women in heterosexual relationships made up the remaining 15 per cent. And more children are being conceived with donor sperm — a total of such pregnancies were recorded last year, compared with five years ago.

Authority chief executive Louise Johnson said the increase was because of a change in legislation that allowed single women and lesbian couples to obtain donor sperm.

But she said demand was outstripping supply, and there was a shortage of registered donors, despite more being recruited last year. Up to 10 women can receive sperm from the same man, in a bid to reduce the number of children with the same genetic make-up.

Ms Johnson said Victorian women typically used sperm from donors fertility clinics recruited locally, and there were only a handful of cases last year of samples being imported from interstate or overseas.

Dr Kovacs said the most common reasons men cited for donating sperm were helping others to have their own family or knowing sprem donor for lesbian couple or single female people struggling with fertility issues. More than children have been born from donor sperm sinceand there are registered sperm donors in Victoria.

Michelle started donor sperm treatment in and gave birth to a son, Charlie, in January last year. But Michelle said she does have one regret. Single and lesbian women drive demand for donor sperm.

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